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Brass Octopus

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Octopus Brass Sculpture - Tan Hot Patina

…mood in your living room with the Octopus Brass Sculpture - Tan Hot Patina, featuring…

Reg Price: 142.95 Sale Price: 119.95

Brass Tipped Octopus Sculpture

The Brass Tipped Octopus Sculpture brings beach style to your study with a deep, complex…

Reg Price: 111.95 Sale Price: 93.95

Grasping Octopus Brass Sculpture

…bronze and gray finish, the Grasping Octopus Brass Sculpture is the perfect addition to…

Reg Price: 128.95 Sale Price: 107.95

Tentacles Brass Sculpture

…with the Tentacles Brass Sculpture. This sculpture features octopus and jellyfish friends…

Reg Price: 4,737.95 Sale Price: 3,949.00
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Green Octopus Statue

Octopus Statue, enhanced with a green brass octopus reaching for the water line. * Brass *…

Reg Price: 109.95 Sale Price: 91.95

Patient Octopus Statue

…update with the Patient Octopus Statue. Crafted with a brass octopus waiting for his next…

Reg Price: 123.95 Sale Price: 103.95

Floating Octopus Statue

…features a graceful swimming octopus for defining style. * Brass * 7.5"W x 6.5"D x 3.5"H ~…

Reg Price: 162.95 Sale Price: 135.95

Hungry Octopus Statue

…room with a detailed octopus searching for his next meal. * Brass * 8"W x 8"D x 5"H ~…

Reg Price: 171.95 Sale Price: 143.95

Friendly Octopus Statue

…Friendly Octopus Statue is the perfect addition to your coastal den. * Brass * 8"W x 8"D…

Reg Price: 152.95 Sale Price: 127.95

Octopus End Table

…coastal update with the Octopus End Table. Crafted with a clever octopus design, this end…

Reg Price: 989.95 Sale Price: 825.00
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Octopus Cabinet Knob

…the Octopus Cabinet Knob. This coastal cabinet hardware is crafted with a detailed octopus

Reg Price: 15.95 Sale Price: 13.95
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Strong Octopus Beverage Tub

…with the Strong Octopus Beverage Tub. Crafted with a strong octopus who greets your…

Reg Price: 442.95 Sale Price: 369.95
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Items: 1 - 12 of 16
Page: 12 of 2
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